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Gastown Multiple Exposures

Tonight we hung out on a boat. Because we are friends with someone with a boat. Because we ARE vancouver. It was awesome. WHY? Because boat!

We have a double wedding weekend starting in the AM so I get to test the awesomeness of the Brixton bag again! :) I am going to name the bag Bowie because
A: Alliteration (Bowie the Brixton Bag)
B: It would seem that David Bowie is the most famous person to come from Brixton.

Gastown Multiple ExposuresGastown Multiple Exposures Gastown Multiple Exposures

Multiple Exposures – Train and Fences

Railtown is a Vancouver neighborhood located just is east of Gastown. It is presumably called railtown due to its close proximity to the Vancouver Railyard. This railyard services one of the shipping ports in the area, organizing the shipped in goods to travel their distant destinations. However despite its namesake Railtown does not revolve around trains, ports or the shipping industry. In fact other than the noise, the trainyard plays little part in this neighborhood’s day to day existence. The area is instead home to artists, fashion designers, tech start-ups and other creative ventures that were likely drawn to the area due to lower rents and abundant artist spaces.

This is the hood I live in. Our studio is in fact right on the edge of the city directly beside the tracks, so trains/tracks/railyards tend to feature rather prominently in my work.

There is an alley behind Railway ave. It is sandwiched between the railyard and lower loading docks of buildings there. Being that it is in my hood I have wandered this alley a lot in the years that we have lived here, and despite having photographed what seems like every square foot of this block I still find new ways to approach it.

Multiple Exposures - Train and Fences

Multiple Exposures - Train and Fences

Multiple Exposures - Train and Fences

Multiple Exposures - Train and Fences

Black & White Bridges

I was a passenger in the X-terra today so I shot things I saw out the window. Like bridges. This is Golden Ears Bridge as seen from out the side window of the X-terra at 80kph. What you don’t see is the random man that was yelling and shaking a fist at us for… well…. I am not sure what he was yelling and shaking fists at us for… but you don’t see it in these photos.

I figure if I have to pay to cross an empty bridge then I should get some good photos out of it :) Shot with the AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm F/2.8 ED (god I love this lens)

Black & White Bridges

Black & White Bridges

Astoria Hotel, Trains, & Dr Suess

We be rocking a wedding on a boat today but here is my latest Overlay


Black & White Washrooms

Going though and developing the many many rolls of film that I have in my develop bin (some of which are from many many years ago) I often find ideas that I experimented with a while back but let fall to the wayside.

These are from my Public Washroom Series. Or at least will be my public washroom series when I pull it all together!

You see being that I always have a camera with me (even in the bathroom) I have started grabbing pictures of washrooms over the years. particularly the sinks. I love that there is a distinct lack of symmetry in most public washrooms even though it looks like there should be. I imagine this is due to the utilitarian nature of public washrooms as well as perhaps a little bit due to the dictation that plumbing tends to inflict on the washrooms design.

These are from the Nikon FG and were shot on Kodak 400 Black & White film.
Black & White Washrooms

Black & White Washrooms

Black & White Washrooms

Yashica Film

some lovely Black & white film i just developed that was shot with the ever lovely Yashica

Yashica Big Lous Butcher

Yashica Jeep on Gore ave

Yashica Light at save on meats

Fun Fur & the Army

Coffee Shop

Walk About

The Bowen Island ferry