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Non-Multiple Exposure Portrait Project

These are some non-Multiple Exposure Portrait Project photos from my session with Shannon last week! We headed over to Granville Island for our session because I thought that interesting textures for the overlay photos would be a plenty! The day was surprisingly sunny and hot so I made it a bit of a challenge to not over expose the highlight areas on the second exposure.

Photos to come but till them Awesome portrait/head shots of the ever lovely Shan!Multiple-Exposure---Shan---September-30,-2014-16 Multiple-Exposure---Shan---September-30,-2014-38 Multiple-Exposure---Shan---September-30,-2014-43 Multiple-Exposure---Shan---September-30,-2014-104 Multiple-Exposure---Shan---September-30,-2014-247

Not Multiple Exposures from my Multiple Exposure shoot with Abigail Tonight

Tonight I had a little Multiple Exposure photoshoot with Abigail from the coffee shop down the way. Interesting part is the more that I do this Multiple Exposure project (specifically the people/models and photos portion of it) the more I am finding that the second exposure, meaning the one that will determine the overlay on the first, is really hard to do on the spot.
Tonight I was shooting my portrait of Abi but finding that the second photo was difficult to find the right scene on demand. When I am shooting while walking about I can sometimes wander three or four blocks before I find something that is a interesting fit for the second photo. So shooting these in a photoshoot type setting is proving to be quite difficult. The prefect texture or scene is not always right there, and holding the photo in limbo only works for so long not to mention that you can’t really take another photo until you finish the one in the chamber so to speak. In upcoming shoots I think that I will use two cameras and have one be a film camera so I can just shoot photos of my person and then reload the roll and shoot the second photos.

Anyway these are not the Multiple exposures from the shoot. They are instead a combination of ‘I forgot to turn on the multiple photo setting’ and ‘the camera timed out waiting for the second shot.’ They are awesome!

Multiple-Exposure Shoot Abigail September-29,-2014

Multiple-Exposure Shoot Abigail September-29,-2014

Multiple-Exposure Shoot Abigail September-29,-2014

Multiple-Exposure Shoot Abigail September-29,-2014

Multiple-Exposure Shoot Abigail September-29,-2014

Multiple-Exposure Shoot Abigail September-29,-2014

Multiple People Exposures :)

So last week I went into G-town to hang out with the ever lovely Shona who agreed to be a guinea pig for this newish project that I have been working on :)





Yup I am interested in doing a portrait sessions as Multiple exposure session with people. Any people! (except not the craigslist people that keep standing me up) Regular people, people I know, people I don’t, Literally any people!

If you are a people I am interested in working with you! to make awesome.

Seriously! You, You & a friend, You and someone that you want to be a friend? Get in touch here. it’s easy. Send me an email that says “I am a people, & I would like awesome!” That would be all you need to say and I would know what you are saying! That is how easy it is.

Click here –>Type I am a people (or even just a close facsimile) –> hit send.

That is the absolute bare minimum that you need to do to start on the road to AWESOMETOWN!!

Politely Awkward

Now because I am not nearly busy enough in my life I have teamed up with my friend Jori to create a new musical project. We are called Politely Awkward. It is awesome! That is all!

Photos of people

Photo-shoot with Jenna Mack

Last week we did a fantastic (but really cold) photoshoot with Jenna Mack for her new website. We didn’t really plan anything we just grabbed some stuff and shot before the rain came back.

Shannon Photo Booth

More Alicia Xpro

Random Old Photos of Alicia

Not sure if I have shared these with the world or not but here they are from my Photoshoot with Alicia Way back when.

Cuba Trip 2011 – Trip Peeps!

I am rocking out at a wedding later today, but I took a tonne of photos of our peeps doing stuff on beaches and junk. So here they are.

Josh was not going to get eaten by a sea monster there but it sorta looked like it. :)
Us rocking out in Havana.

Shannon & Josh & a Cuban tractor  – – – Ed trying hard to smuggle WMD’s onto our plane.