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Politely Awkward

Now because I am not nearly busy enough in my life I have teamed up with my friend Jori to create a new musical project. We are called Politely Awkward. It is awesome! That is all!

Photos of people

Photo-shoot with Jenna Mack

Last week we did a fantastic (but really cold) photoshoot with Jenna Mack for her new website. We didn’t really plan anything we just grabbed some stuff and shot before the rain came back.

Shannon Photo Booth

More Alicia Xpro

Random Old Photos of Alicia

Not sure if I have shared these with the world or not but here they are from my Photoshoot with Alicia Way back when.

Cuba Trip 2011 – Trip Peeps!

I am rocking out at a wedding later today, but I took a tonne of photos of our peeps doing stuff on beaches and junk. So here they are.

Josh was not going to get eaten by a sea monster there but it sorta looked like it. :)
Us rocking out in Havana.

Shannon & Josh & a Cuban tractor  – – – Ed trying hard to smuggle WMD’s onto our plane.

An out take from a headshot session

This is as shot (i cropped it quickly in photoshop) I had my high contrast settings all set in my camera and snapped about 6-7 frames before I realized it. While not at all a good head shot photo I loved the super high saturation/contrast of this photo!

On this date in 2004

On this date in 2004 I shot a photo session with a Model with the pseudonym Sommers. This was shot in our fledgling studio on 109th street in E-town with a canon 10D and the cheapo kit lens that came with my first rebel film camera. I remember this shoot well because it was the first real success that I had “in studio”  I say that in quotes like that because the “studio” was a short roll of white seamless backdrop paper and  two Vivitar speed lights mounted pointing towards the ceiling one on a optical slave and the other corded to the camera. This set us was super soft light but it tended to be super foggy with the cheap kit lens. Most photos were really soft of out of focus altogether.


This was the photo shoot that drove me to seek out all I could learn about fashion photography and studio lighting.

A Photoshoot Involving Cake (NSFW)

So quite a while back I was approached by (unnamed model actor mostly so google will never find her naked on the internet so we will instead call her…) Alice. Now while neked photography is not really my thing (I don’t tend to shoot peeps neked for a number of reasons that are old and seem kind silly now so I wont go into it) I said that I would do this. So the theme, concept, makeup, cake basically i had no real creative part in so i can not take any credit for any of it. What I can take credit for are the pretty photos that we got from this session :)