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Film Scanning!!

with the Epson V750 is awesome!
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Jr.

HEY!! My New Band Played it’s First show!! EVAH

While ‘My Friend Lisa‘ is still rocken out on a regular basis I have this other musical project with the ever delightful Mikala and our drumming friend Gabe. We call ourselves ‘Waiting For Mikala‘ and thanks to the awesomeness of another band ‘Andorra‘ we were invited out to play a show with them at the Backstage lounge yesterday!!  We also brought out the ever talented Jenna Mack to play an ever awesome set as well.

It was also my lovelies’ birthday! So we embarrassed the shit out of her by singing happy birthday!! :)

First Show Evah!!

I rock out so hard that I need to sit!

Mikala singing stuff

The Master of time! Gabe




And Andorra with their awesome set!

Check them out on their Facebook Or Bandcamp pages!

Photo-shoot with Jenna Mack

Last week we did a fantastic (but really cold) photoshoot with Jenna Mack for her new website. We didn’t really plan anything we just grabbed some stuff and shot before the rain came back.

More Corduroy Open Mic Photos

Another Open Mic Photo from yesterday

Corduroy Open Mic Night

Last night, Jenna, Mikala, Miranda & I all went out to the Open Mic at Corduroy in kits. We had a beer, played a few songs, (royally messed a couple of them up but it was totally ok) & had an absolute blast. It was a great stage and some unbelievably talented people came out. One guy we all agreed we wanted to be our adopted grandpa :) The guy Mike who was running it all was a super nice guy and couldn’t believe that this was Mikala’s first time. Mostly because she rocked it!!!

An Instagram of us playing (taken by the lovely miranda you know cause the jerk with a camera was up playing)

My uber talented friend Jenna Rocking out on stage

I can guarantee that we will be back! Hopefully I can convince some peeps from My Friend Lisa to stay up a little later on a Tuesday night some time! :)

Rural Alberta Advantage in Vancouver

Oh Ya I went to see the Rural Alberta Advantage the other week. We have been so stupid crazy busy these past few weeks that I have totally forgotten to post about it. UN-FUCKING BELIEVABLE SHOW!!!  Despite drinking far to many Pilsner and getting into it with a random douche in the front and then a doubly douchey bouncer as they were playing ‘Goodnight’ It was the best show I have seen this year. (Followed very closely by the pixies this last week) I am so glad that i was able to make this work this time around. I have been scheduled for a shoot or something equally un-movable every time they have been here before. I would have killed to see them at the Biltmore last year but alas work tends to keep me in expensive guitars and fancy cameras. So yup that :)

So no the best photos but alas I was super stupid drunk :) so Ummmm that is an excuse yes? Fun any way!

My Favourite photo!!
Playing Good Night in the middle of the floor!

Steph Macpherson & Michael Benard Fitzgerald Show

Last night after we played an online My Friend Lisa Show we hauled our asses out & to see Steph MacPherson & Michael Benard Fitzgerald play at the Biltmore.  Man! What a great show! :) Steph MacPherson and her crew put on an awesome opening act complete with banjos! (everything is better with banjos) MBF also put on a stellar show! this was the first time I have seen him play live with a backing band. Previous times have always been him solo with a looper pedal. The double drummer thing he had going on was spectacular to say the least! I didn’t get to many (aright it was just one) photos of MBF mostly because I didn’t want to elbow my way up to the front, that and I may have been just a little drunk. :)

On the way home (thanks Shan for driving!) we stopped at the McDonald’s on Main street near terminal.  What a horrible idea that was in so many ways. The first being that I hate McDonald’s & rarely eat it.  In fact the only two times in the last year that I have eaten McDonald’s I was drunk coming home from the Biltmore.  Curious :) However, that said what an awesome place McDonald’s is at 2am on a weekday.  We somehow (I say we but really I mean Me) managed to offend a trollish woman to the point of leaving, eat a whole Big Mac on an empty beer filled stomach, and start up a random conversation with a sun glass wearing, (it was 2AM) safety vest clad, cart pushing, hobo who insisted that we invited him in to the McDick’s (which we didn’t do) and that he had a lot to add to our earlier conversation about E.T.s (which we didn’t have) In which he Insisted that Sarah Palin was in fact an E.T. and that given a moment or two he could prove it.  We didn’t give him his moment, we instead left, quickly, after loudly clapping our (my) hands one last time in order to wake the odd man who was sleeping face down in the corner booth.

All in all it was a good night :)

Art Brut at the Biltmore!

So Darren & I went to see Art Brut Rock out at the Biltmore! It was fun. These photos are not nearly as awesome as the ones that I took at Richards On Richards a few years back but they are OK. The Show on the other hand Royally kicked ass. It helped that I was 2 feet away from the band. Despite the group of drunken, barely of age, hipsters girls wearing large framed 80’s spectacles with the lens pop’ed out that were bound and determined to bounce me out of their way.



It was here that he started telling us that we should form a band. I wanted to yell back that after the Richards On Richards Show in March 2006 we did.  this was the Show that made Darren & I start our musical exploits that resulted in My Friend Lisa




I heart these Cuff links. I want Cuff links that say my band name :)



I was so bloody close to the guy! I sorta wished at the time that i Had brought a 24mm lens. I am glad looking at these that i stuck with the 50-1.2


I have been busy so you get a point form synopsis.

I have been busy so here is what I would have blogged if I wasn’t to busy to actually blog.

Roof meat

Cruise ships

Photo Wandering




Commodore for Bloc Party
Bloc Party at Commodore Ballroom

Bloc Party at Commodore Ballroom


Bloc Party at Commodore Ballroom

Bloc Party at Commodore Ballroom

Hot Hot Heat wouldn’t get of stage

I was sick for days

Didn’t get to see The Weakerthans but I had two tries :(
thats it thats all.