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Picking On Folks In Colour

Not everything is black and white. :)

Picking On Folks In Colour - January-21,-2015-2 Picking On Folks In Colour - January-21,-2015-2 Picking On Folks In Colour - January-21,-2015-2

The Gastown Steam Clock Returns….

… and they say it might even keep time now.

Gastown Steam Clock Returns - January-21,-2015

Gastown Steam Clock Returns - January-21,-2015

Gastown Steam Clock Returns - January-21,-2015

I Personally have my doubts. :)

Picking On Complete Strangers – Walk to Costco

Today Mr. Danger & I went for a quick wander to Costco to get groceries. Which I think is kind of hilarious because just ‘a few’ groceries from costco will result in a very full stroller. Corbin didn’t actually have to cuddle all the way home with an ECONO box of cereal but it was touch and go there for a bit.





Vancouver Maritime Museum

Vancouver Maritime Museum-January-15,-2015

Vancouver Maritime Museum-January-15,-2015Vancouver Maritime Museum

More Foggy Vancouver



Gastown At Night in Foggy Vancouver

Back light trees and…
Gastown At Night - in Fog
Time Is Precious on water street.
Gastown At Night - in Fog

Both Shot with the Nikon DF at the insane ISO of 12800 and the Sigma 35mm Art Lens

Old Cars and Broken hotel walls

I love that there are still old cars that out and about and basically peoples daily drivers. There is something about an old plymouth with a bench front seat that makes me nostagic for another time :)_DSC5822---January-06,-2015

This is a the outside wall from the Sandman Hotel on the corner of cambie and Georgia Street. I just liked that it was so random in the way that the mud was troweled on differently for each tile and that they appeared to try and repair it with different tiles. :) _DSC5826---January-06,-2015

Picking On Complete Strangers

Here are two photos that were taken two days apart from each other.

This was taken near The Alibi Room on Alexander Street here in Railtown. I love the juxtaposition of the healthy jogger and the death graffiti here but I am not 100% happy with this photo. It lacks something but I am not sure what.Picking On Complete Strangers

This guy was playing guitar on the outskirts of Granville Island. Koodo’s to him because it was really cold out and I know what it like to busk in the cold, however he was playing so lightly and singing so softly that despite standing right beside him I couldn’t make out that he was even playing :) Picking On Complete Strangers

Picking on Complete Strangers – Night Silhouettes

Nothing like foggy Evenings and dark moody silhouettes. I walked tonight to Woodwords to mail some stuff and buy a fancy button battery for an old Metrastar Light Meter that I have. I brought the Nikon Df with the Sigma 35mm Art Lens and I was cursing myself the entire walk for not bringing an longer focal lenth like an 85mm instead, but now after seeing these couple photos I am kinda glad that I did bring the 35mm. I like that the silhouettes are a smaller portion of the photo.
picking on complete strangers picking on complete strangers

Vancouver Aquarium

_DSC5786---January-05,-2015 _DSC5789---January-05,-2015Vancouver Aquarium