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Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Cover

I grabbed on of these cool Lute Soundhole Cover. So much sexier then the Planet Waves rubber cover.

Lute Hole - Guitar soundhole cover

Lute Hole - Guitar soundhole cover

Lute Hole - Guitar soundhole cover

Lute Hole - Guitar soundhole cover

Check them out at

Never underestimate the power of talking to complete strangers!

Today I happened to find myself in the acoustic guitar section of the downtown Tom Lee. I was strumming away the hours on this nice Taylor guitar (it happens to be the Taylor guitar I was going to buy when I become a rich & famous rockstar) when this other customer comes on in & we strike up a conversation about the Taylor guitars I was playing as well as other guitars. I tell him about my favourite guitars and he tell me about his & after one thing leads to another we come up with a deal to potentially trade some of this for some of that. Fastforward to a 1/2hr later where I meet up with him at a coffee shop near his house and I trade him a guitar and some gear that I had for sale for his super lovely Taylor 314ce guitar.

Taylor 314ce Guitar

Taylor 314ce Guitar

Taylor 314ce Guitar

Taylor 314ce Guitar

I think I will name it Hannah mostly because Hannah is a good name but also because it is a palindrome and palindrome’s are cool! Yup it is beyond super swell! That is all!

Film Scanning!!

with the Epson V750 is awesome!
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Jr.

Bought a New Awesome Guild Guitar

Bought this babe for cheap of the craigslists! Literally this is worth like twice what I paid for it.  It is well worn in just how I like guitars :) Sounds Amazing!!

Lets add a Bigsby on my Epiphone Les Paul

I have been looking at my Epiphone Les Paul as of late and thinking you know I think that this Guitar with all the trimmings needs a bit more bling!

I found very little information about adding bigsby’s to anything little lone a Les paul. So after much research I discovered a couple of neat things about adding the tremolo, but first Lets looks at adding some knob bling.

The Guitar Before all the Mods

Adding indicators.

I looked at replacing the Knobs with squared off Gibson type knobs and was able to hook some up for nearly nothing on ebay, however the knobs sat quite high of the top so I stuck with the high hat knobs that came with the Epipi. I did however subtle it is add some knob indicators (again hooked up via ebay) which despite being so subtle I think its adds a lot.

Next I had to de-string the guitar to pull of the tail piece.

One of my hesitations about adding the Bigsby to the epiphone was the screwing it down to the top of the guitar. While the epiphone is not a $3500-$6000 Gibson Les Paul, I did pay enough money for it that I wasn’t really interested in screwing shit permanently to the top of the guitar. After a bit of research I discovered Vibramate. Vibramate is a company that makes adapters for adding bigsbys to a variety of guitars. You bolt the adapter to bolt holes from the tail piece and then screw the Bigsby to the adapter. genius really! It does set the tremolo up off the top a little bit but it is totally removable with no permenate damage.

I am super happy with the out come but one last thing I should have gotten before starting this was a roller bridge. Even with flat wounds the strings do catch on the existing bridge and can cause some tuning issues.

New Recording Gear

So I was reminded the other day of the good old days when we would attempt to record our jam sessions on a video camera that we would sit on the corner on a speaker and hope that we would get something that sounded even remotely close to what we were playing. We have come a long way since then starting with the addition of the Zoom H4, Darren and his FireFace