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East Side Culture Crawl – Shot for a Shot!

It is that time of year! East Side Culture Crawl is upon us and this year we are rawking a larger photo project throughout the weekend of the Crawl. We are calling it ‘Shot for A Shot!!’

shot for a shot

Yup it is exactly what it looks like! We are taking photos of your face after you take a shot of awful liqueur!
We are here all tonight and all weekend! Come take in the art and stay for an aweful shot :)



Why do you take photos?

I like to take photos of things.
Some day the things that I take photos of will be gone.
Some things will be gone sooner than other things.
Somethings just change slightly.
Other things are removed completely from existence.
As though they had never even existed.
With a little luck the photo will always mark that thing into that place and that time, forever.
That in itself is a good reason to take a photo.


Multiple People Exposures :)

So last week I went into G-town to hang out with the ever lovely Shona who agreed to be a guinea pig for this newish project that I have been working on :)





Yup I am interested in doing a portrait sessions as Multiple exposure session with people. Any people! (except not the craigslist people that keep standing me up) Regular people, people I know, people I don’t, Literally any people!

If you are a people I am interested in working with you! to make awesome.

Seriously! You, You & a friend, You and someone that you want to be a friend? Get in touch here. it’s easy. Send me an email that says “I am a people, & I would like awesome!” That would be all you need to say and I would know what you are saying! That is how easy it is.

Click here –>Type I am a people (or even just a close facsimile) –> hit send.

That is the absolute bare minimum that you need to do to start on the road to AWESOMETOWN!!

Free Parking!




Picking On Complete Strangers In Black & White






Picking On Complete Strangers – In Black & White








2014 Culture Crawl – Metal Prints

Just an update on this years Culture Crawl Preparations :) I am super excited to show off a new prints series that I have nearly finished prepping! They are so metal that they would make Judas Priest blush!

Jerk with a camera - metal prints Jerk with a camera - metal prints
seriously you could sharpen these up when the zombie apocalypse comes but keep them as lovely art on your wall until then. Decorating and preparing for the imminent zombie disaster!


Again this years Culture Crawl runs from the 20th till the 23rd this November! We can’t wait to see you!

Multiple Exposures of things that people put on walls and posts

As the title states these are Multiple Exposures of things that people put on walls and posts. AKA these are photos of sticker graffiti and gig posters :)

Nikon DF Multiple Exposure Nikon DF Multiple Exposure Nikon DF Multiple Exposure

Kams Frames & Furniture