Today Miranda and I got out of bed at 10ish and all I can say is that man I was fucking sore. I haven’t bee this sore and tired when I woke up since the day that Mike and I decided that it would be fun to clean the inside of a warehouse. (See Job, Tired, and Dirty – July 09, 2003) I mean you would think that I was in an totally hardcore pit of some sort but know I was protected form such by a neat wall, and a security guard that took his job way to serious. (he had on these crazy black leather gloves and he looks the type that was not only rejected from the police but the army, respectable rent a cop companies, and well any other job then a reds bouncer. ) So I was totally sore and it was sort of humbling in a way, I am so taking up jogging this week. So we got our asses out bed and rolled our way to Keegans where we had a really awful breakfast, and I mean awful by Keegans standard so you know it is bad. However on the way to the illustrious Keegans we sort of lost the use of the clutch cable in our car. No biggie we were able to drive to Keegans and have the awful breakfast and then drive home but it sorta involved a lot of power shifting and a lot more grinding of gears as I fought to stick it in to gears with out the aid of a clutch. And home we did get with out major incident. So we put the golf together and out we went to get a new clutch cable. So there is this guy that works at the part source on Calgary Trail that has the sweetest MII golf that I have had the pleasure of seeing, and while we were phoning about to find a cable on a Saturday we ended up talking to him and he told us about the little shop in the west end that has VW parts and is open on Saturday. So we fire on over to the west end and there nestled in this small industrial strip mall is this shop. We walk in and there is honest to god stuff piled everywhere. There was what looked like a path from the door to the counter and we followed it in wards. I wasn’t sure if I should leave a trail to follow back or not some how I thought that I would be ok. There was almost as far as we could see in any direction parts and what have you stacked on shelves that were vastly over there intended capacity and the floor space in between each shelf was filled with stacked boxes and other various parts. If you have seen the movie Conspiracy Theory this place made Mel Gibson’s characters apartment look like it was completely bare. The coolest part about it all was that the guy was able to find stuff in this. It took a few minutes but the guy came back with a cable and wing nut. The whole experience was slightly surreal the best part was when Miranda called to see if he had the part he replies “yes of course I do” in a why are you asking such a silly question sorta manner. So we installed it in and now we can drive with the aid of a clutch again. w00t!

So to elaborate on last night a little we went to the shows at Red (did I mention that I hate that place) and Eli gave me access to the back stage area and I was able to get some of the best band shots to date. I am working thought them as we speak. But man it was so cool to be in the front of everything and getting the shots that I did. For example when the Wednesday Night Heroes came on the crowd went nuts and the band went nuts and here I am in-between the throng of it all. The singer of the Wednesday Night Heroes was flying over my head in hard core stage dives and what have you. All of which was way cooler cause I was right there in the think of it. It was good times I tell you :) But ya I am spending more time typing and less working on photos so I sign off now.