I found this while chasing random flickr trails (you know the trail of mindless browsing starting when someone comments on your stuff, you follow their links, look at their stuff, see what the comments are, click on them, look at the commenter and then the commenters stuff, repeat. You know I would love to take a look at the degrees of separation as it pertains to flickr, however that is probably best covered in its own post and not in what is becoming a preposterously long aside within this one) and I have to say this is my thought exactly!

I Particularly Love The Dedicated Karaoke Button

This is great timing considering that the recent release of the Canon 5D Mark II came with, in my humble opinion of course, bells and whistles that should never ever be on a freakin SLR camera. The fact that they insist on putting a direct print button on my cameras is simply bad enough, now they have your photo camera shooting high def video, and they have microphone inputs. They have you shooting using the back screen and live preview, and basically they have your SLR doing things that your SLR camera in fact just shouldn’t be doing. It is all crap!! I understand that Canon is appealing to both the tourist, and the “I am rich and want to take some good photos of my puppy” markets. However, I have to say though that if this is who you are, you would be better off with a really good point and shoot to be honest. Because that is the quality of images that you are going to get out of your fancy $3000+ Digital SLR when you hold it up at arms length and stare at the back screen with live preview anyway. If you insist on shooting green square and holding it away from your face you are going to get photos that look like you shot them on green square while holding it away from your damn face.  I understand that you need to chase this market Canon, but If I see a green square on my next 1Ds, I will be very very displeased. Please sell your consumer crap to your consumer market but please please make your professional cameras *professional cameras*.

4 thoughts on “Introducing The New Canon Camera For The Preposterously Rich Tourist In You!!

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  2. Well the karaoke button must be used with care for when one presses it will turn even the most mundane of parties into a raging karaoke bar filled with the worst singers ever known to man. Some may not even speak the language that the song was written in. Be prepared! Have you ever heard a man sing i will survive in Swahili! and the phone button well that is for the phone portion silly :)

  3. I was excited for new-gen DSLRs. Then the HD Video news broke, and so did my heart. Fuck ’em. When I upgrade my D40, I am grabbing an SLR that takes still pictures maybe brackets automatically and has decent weather seals and maybe dust removal and maybe in-camera image stabilization and doesn’t have video or karaoke or iPod or a god-damned milk frother thing for making god-damned espressos that taste like god-damned pumpkin pie or god-damned caramel or god-damned mint or god-damned blueberries.

    ps hi Webmaster!

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