Now I know that I just got a new camera but everyone look at my new new camera! Truth be told they were purchased at the same time just that this one wasn’t available till now :)

This is what I would call a sorry excuse for an initial review. It’s awesome!

To be more specific it is everything that my 1D Mark II was for me, with less buttons, a bigger screen, stupidly high/usable ISO’s, all that and it does video in 30p 24p and 60p.

Canon EOS 1d Mark IV

My New Canon EOS 1d Mark IV

mark IV-001

I also got an Eye Fi card so I can do some live photo wandering action during the Olympics & such. I am using my tethered iPhone to auto-upload every photo that I take, as I take it though out my wandering about. You can see what I am up to by hitting this flickr set! I think this is a really neat way to photowalk but I must confess I am also doing this because I am tired of hearing questions about what photoshoping I did & what photoshop filter did you use for your colour & insert random question about post work… & …stuff… So here you have it live from a jerk out & about in the world.

Eye Fi Card

The other advantage is that my photos are roughly geo-tagged with was something I was doing using software & GPS tracks from my iPhone. Only it was a multi-step process with means that it didn’t happen as often as it should have.

My initial thoughts on the Eye-Fi card are neat but a spot slow. I haven’t played much past that.

I was going to toss together a sample video of the 24p etc but DSLR video is DSLR video really. Its not like you can see the missing 6fps or that the quality is noticeably better when viewed on the web so you will get one when I get to it. The fact that they do video is neat but it is not the real reason that I bought the camera. I bought it to be a photo camera. Funny That! :)


Camera: Canon 1D Mark IV Aperture: 1.2 Shutter: 1/200 Lens: Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 ISO: 100 Date Taken: Feb.03.2010

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