So last night Mike and I went out for a photo shoot with Krysten. We walked from my place down to the legislature and began shooting. About 20 shots in the shutter curtain on my “new” canon 10D comes lose and tear’s of it mounting and is fluttering about in side my camera.
I looked at it trying to figure out first what the fuck is going on and second what the hell caused it to do so. So we call the photo shoot off and run down to McBain camera and tell them what’s happened. And the woman behind the counter is like well we will have to send it away for repair. With that Miranda is about ready to come unglued, but in stead says but we just bought this last week, we could still return it. To which the reply was “well you can’t now.” But after some consultation with the other people behind the counter she felt that it was best to give us a new camera. To which we agreed and we all walked out happy. :) So I have a brand new Canon 10D as apposed to a week old Canon 10D :)