…you tend to collect things. For me its camera bags. I have over 10 or so of them hanging about. I didn’t really realize this until I was cleaning out the the storage room today. The stack of unused inserts is pretty impressive. I don’t need all these bags so if some one local wants to buy one of these (other then the green one or the red one) let me know.

Starting top left:Crumpler Messenger w/photo bucket. Crumpler 6million dollar home, Tamrac Cyberpack8 Lowepro Nature Trekker AWII, Crumpler Karachi Outpost, Crumpler Whickey & the Cox, Crumpler Tall-e, Lowepro TLZ AW Crumpler Tall-e, Tamrac 1/2 & 1/2 Camera backpack

11 thoughts on “When You Have Been Doing Something for 9+ Years….

  1. @shan I am keeping mine cause they don’t make em anymore but if you asked Miranda nicely you might be able to talk her out of the green one :)

    @Jason I do! the Nature trekker is in great shape the TLZ is pretty beat up!

  2. Jerk, Awhile back I saw that you were a big fan of Crumpler, and I’m gald I saw that. I was going to eventually buy a Lowepro bag, Untill I was at Henry’s on a trip to Toronto and a Crumpler caught my eye. I settled for the Sinking Barge, and im so glad I did.
    Thank You Jerk, Thank You

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