So it has been a busy 24 hours for me. Last night after our wedding was done Josh & I went for a midnight scoot. Took a few photos in the dark of night.



Rode a few trails and avoided getting caught up in a crazy ‘bush party’ in Stanley park.

This was Miranda when I told her how many photos we shot at our wedding! :)


Breakfast at the tomahawk this morning, followed by more aimless scooting.



This is so foreign to me


The White stripes rocked


2 thoughts on “Busy 24 hours

  1. Oh, my. Shan was right! Your White Stripes photos are freaking awesome. Now, I am sad that I didn’t go to Vancouver to see them, even though I am seeing them in Calgary in like three days.

  2. The show Rocked!! I have always been amazed that they have such a full sound with just the two of them! To see them play two instruments at a time while singing away was worth the ticket price!

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