Yup. We were at it again! It was street performing time for My Friend Lisa again this afternoon/tonight.

We all met up on Granville Street and found us a sheltered spot out of the rain and we played a bunch of songs. In fact we played a bunch of songs for nearly 4 hours at various spots along Granville street. We had an awesome visit from a man named Arnold. He was really drunk, and he had an upside down cross tattooed on his forehead. Thankfully Lani who is very experienced at dealing with the drunkin Arnold’s of the world was able to get him to not sit down smack dab in the middle of our circle.

We sort of had a nice rotating cast of performers that came and went as their schedules allowed, and worry not Renee for next time we will totally remember to bring out the awesome Casio of DOOM!!! for you to rock out upon. Although I have to say you were doing pretty good with the making up songs as we went!!