In this photo (from left to right) Jenna Mack (  Lani, Some Jerk, & Gabriel (
Being that it was such a beautiful freaking day out today, a bunch of us decided that working in that new street entertainment permit would be a great way to spend some delightful time out in the sun! It was awesome, we made up all the songs on the spot and we made some of the local community gardening folks super happy! They even insisted that we return again next sunday! I somehow managed to break a guitar string… on an acoustic guitar… like not on purpose….. that shit doesn’t really happen…. ever…. i wasn’t even playing smoke on the water….To be really honest I have always been curious about why you would find random missing strings on random acoustic guitars that you see out and about. Anyone who has seen my acoustic guitar and, perhaps more importantly, me playing it knows that I play it really really hard, I always have, yet in all my years of playing I have never ever broken an acoustic guitar string.  In fact I have carted an extra pack of strings around in my guitar case for years with the belief that one should always be prepared, and today with this unlikely scenario actually popping up, I was for the first time ever with out an extra set of stings in my case! :)

Such a clean string on a dirty guitar

looks like it was time to change strings anyway :)

Super Awesome