Going though and developing the many many rolls of film that I have in my develop bin (some of which are from many many years ago) I often find ideas that I experimented with a while back but let fall to the wayside.

These are from my Public Washroom Series. Or at least will be my public washroom series when I pull it all together!

You see being that I always have a camera with me (even in the bathroom) I have started grabbing pictures of washrooms over the years. particularly the sinks. I love that there is a distinct lack of symmetry in most public washrooms even though it looks like there should be. I imagine this is due to the utilitarian nature of public washrooms as well as perhaps a little bit due to the dictation that plumbing tends to inflict on the washrooms design.

These are from the Nikon FG and were shot on Kodak 400 Black & White film.
Black & White Washrooms

Black & White Washrooms

Black & White Washrooms

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