So I am hammered and I always think that it is the best time to blog when one is hammered . Well after many beer at the frog with darren, Tanya, m, jer a dude ranch not to mention Marion and random, bar waitress who is going to be the best video journalist in the land, not to mentiuon lt govener! We are so special in fact that we had two waitresses tending to our needs as it were. Many beer and talok about lesbians and bi peeps in sued OH Vern if you wanna know the results of the Bi/les quiz on table two talk to Tanya as she found the skinny in drunken land by going up and talking to the two.

The waitresses also apologize for serving us after the misses left because they have to defer to the rual of our wives as it were and go fromw there.

Amny thigs are blog worther this eve bit I can t remmevber them or not


Ohg anbd i hope whowver stolw my hat last still ahs it :)

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