So yesterday was the first revisit of ‘the band’. Yup ‘the band’! You haven’t heard me talk about ‘the band’ in while, mostly because we have all been busy and there was little happening on that front. Well not anymore! We are no longer ‘the band’, we have a name and we are even soon to have a website and everything. (soon being a relative term meaning as soon as I get off my ass and do something productive with that, what I should say is we have a url) Yuppers I would like to introduce you to ‘My Friend Lisa
So we got together last night at this jerks studio and sat around my office hashing though the 4.5 songs we have. That doesn’t sound like a lot but it was really hard seeing that we haven’t jammed together since November and most of this stuff hasn’t been touched since then.

You would have some thing to hear possibly if my new H4 had arrived before then. But it did arrive today and i recorded a little snippit to see how well it worked and man alive it is awesome!!
Take a listen that is just in the middle of our living room with the trains rattling on out side and such. AWESOME!!!

Now I’m off to a business function in shorts, tshirt, and weakerthans hoodie. Woot!

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