1 thought on “Baby Shoes On the North Shore!

  1. I followed a link to find your site and noticed that you had a lot of questions about this. While I know nothing about this particular piece of art I can share a story with you.

    Whilst enjoying dinner with half‐a‐dozen close friends, Ernest Hemingway held his napkin aloft and wagered the others ten dollars apiece that it could serve as a canvas large enough to contain an entire short story. Given the sheer audacity of his proposition, his friends were more than willing to wager against him; but, less than a minute later, Hemingway settled the bet when he scribbled a story on the napkin, presented it to his audience, convinced them of his skill, and collected his just rewards. This is the story he wrote:


    I’m guessing this artist is a fan of Ernest Hemingway who is widely attributed with the quote, “Write drunk; edit sober.” Unfortunately, editing is prohibitively difficult for Graffitist’s. Just as well I suppose as the quote is almost certainly by a novelist called Peter De Vries.

    Anyway, thanks for the time. I’ve enjoyed your work. Keep it up.

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