So I am here at work on my last day for at least 3 weeks. I am also hacking up my left lung with a cough that has been hanging around for a few days. I wouldn’t even be here today but I have a meeting with my manger. We are getting things planned out for the wedding on Friday. This is going to the toughest thing that we have done yet. I am both looking forward to it and not looking forward to all at the same time. I am sure that it will be all good but it is a lot of stress and worry on my part.
On a different note we are almost ready to fire off to the wondrous eastern Canada next week, the car is tinted and there is a bed that is going to get set up in the back. I have new tires and I have gotten the annual running out of fuel out of the way. Last night we were crossing the hi-level Bridge and were waiting for a light on the other side and the car started to buck and stall. We were like WTF mate!! The light changed and we went and the car ran out of gas two blocks later. I would never had looked at the gauge but Miranda the clever one that she is was able to figure out what the trouble was before I started to take the engine apart :) Thanks to M&M we were able to get the diesel that was needed and still make Chilies for a bite to eat. But that is that I am out of here.