So Darren & I went to see Art Brut Rock out at the Biltmore! It was fun. These photos are not nearly as awesome as the ones that I took at Richards On Richards a few years back but they are OK. The Show on the other hand Royally kicked ass. It helped that I was 2 feet away from the band. Despite the group of drunken, barely of age, hipsters girls wearing large framed 80’s spectacles with the lens pop’ed out that were bound and determined to bounce me out of their way.



It was here that he started telling us that we should form a band. I wanted to yell back that after the Richards On Richards Show in March 2006 we did.  this was the Show that made Darren & I start our musical exploits that resulted in My Friend Lisa




I heart these Cuff links. I want Cuff links that say my band name :)



I was so bloody close to the guy! I sorta wished at the time that i Had brought a 24mm lens. I am glad looking at these that i stuck with the 50-1.2