So I have always wanted to have my own army! How cool is it to have a bunch of soldiers ready to kick some ass for me because I said too. Well I am proud to say that I have officially taken the first step to army goodness! I have the coolest ride that was ever painted army green!

I blame this impulse purchase 100% on M! See we went into Denman bike shop to get the brakes adjusted on the beat up old mountain bike that I have been riding and M insisted that the bike guy tell me my bike was a piece of crap and that I needed a cruiser! I have the last laugh because I picked the one bike in the store that would mortify and embarrass Miranda the most! (not on purpose mind you it was the one that I liked the most and because we are married it’s the one that she would like the least) The Felt MP Oh so nice! 7 Speeds, coaster/hand brakes, electric generator for the lights, and dude its army green! Watch out for the army of me!

5 thoughts on “ARMY OF ME!!!

  1. Oh After I head over to an army surplus store for a small ammo box/front basket, and army green canvas saddle bag it will!!! But ya it totally rocks and its such a charm to ride:) Seriously i was put off by cruiser bikes cause they looked heavy and like they would take massive amount of effort to ride anywhere. They i “test Drove” this one. I was totally sold!

  2. Oh and John that Lime bike rocks! We took it for a spin as well and man it was beyond effortless. It was like there was an army of pigmiys (sp?) or random mythical creatures pulling me up the hill Sweet!!!!

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