Now because I always assume that everyone that reads my blog, is also religiously following my every move/whim on twitter, as well as reading all about My musical escapades with My Friend Lisa, I often forget to mention the other things that I am doing with my time outside of blogging random photos with little to no explanations.

I am in a band. It is fun, I love it & in getting the new camera I find myself flexing my old filmmaker muscles. As such we did a super quick off the floor video cut of us playing one of our original songs.

All shot with the Canon 5D Mark II and the 85mm lens. Super fun!!

Yup there was a time that I called my self a filmmaker. Around the time that I started blogging was when I was on my way out of filmmaking and getting into photography.

This is a video that I made in 2000 using an analog 8mm camera and captured analog into a 300 mHz computer with 128mgs of ram and edited in Adobe Premiere. It would take days to render out the effects that I was rockin’ and when I wasn’t happy with something I would change it and then re-render it for days again. I won an award from the local film society and everything.  But this is what I wanted to do with my life. make silly art films about nothing in particular. Long story short I became a photographer instead. :)

What amazed me was things I was searching for 10 years ago are here now! Things like super shallow DOF, super easy editing, & among other things, simply super good looking video footage.

I talked to My guy down at Vistek yesterday (yup when you drop fat cash you get a guy) and he said that the mark iv is set to arrive some time next week. So I should have it in my grubby fingers very soon! :)

But I need to pack for snowboarding awesome now! See ya on the mountains :)

4 thoughts on “Oh ya I have video fun for you all.

  1. yep…totally loving the 8mm.. saweeeeeeeet. a very young R too.. :) chuckle.. cool stuff guy!

  2. Woah! I remember that video! Was that the apartment in the Red Lion?

    I’d nearly forgotten you wore John Lennon glasses and smoked too. So very long ago…

  3. D – No that was our apartment at 23rd ave. In the Charles Bucan Manor :) Yup whats funny is those glasses are not even my super round ones :) So very long ago :)

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