Last night we went to the Power Plant to watch some of the bands
The Mark Birtles Project was the only one that we were in time to see cause when we phoned the Powerplant they said doors at 8 and show at 9:30ish so we showed up at 10ish and it was almost over. Oh well I managed to get some good shots none the less but only of the The Mark Birtles Project which I have to say was a rocking good band. They were.. how you say… animated. :) During the first song they played, almost all their shoes flew off their feet and in various directions. On even ended up on Miranda and Roy’s table. But the reason that we went there in the first place was because I was Second prize :) Yup you heard right I was second prize well I guess my photography services are second prize. But it is cool none the less. And as promised here is a shot or two.

There is more to come but I have just been busy