So who knew that leaving your home and your business for an entire month would be so hard! This is not the first time the jerk has gone traveling but most of his traveling was done in places that have abundant internet, and cell service! When we travel it is basically seamless to all of our clients and such. However, Cuba is going to be a bit of a challenge that way due to the lack of both internet and Cell Service! The jerk has also never left home base for an entire month! I am sure that it will fly by for us but it is still a long time to be incommunicado.

So what to do when you are a blogger!? Well I have two choices ahead of me!

  • Blog sporadically with little content and less photos from internet cafés and resorts, with the intention of blogging a big post that never gets done and leave my Cuba trip like so many other trips and large portions of my life! unblogged.
  • I can blog daily offline on my laptop for the month and then spend the 7 hours that I have at the Toronto airport uploading them all!

Well because I love you all so much the latter is what I shall do! This means that I will probably not be here again for well, about 30days! So i guess we will see you then!


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