So after a fantastic evening rocking out at Tanya’s place with Rock Band (photos to come sometime) D and I decided that we are really going to start a band so we can rock out for real! This time we mean it! We mean so much in fact that the very next day after some fabulous breakfast we fired on over to Tom Lee on Granville and I bought a new Electric Guitar.

Now I do technically sort of know how to play the guitar. I would haul my amp and my cheap/beat-up white electric to school every day and we would practice in the choral room at lunch, our spares, and well whenever I didn’t feel like going to class. Some friends and I even had a band. We were called the Outhouse Poets and our claim to fame was a catchy tune called ‘This Is What It Is Like To Be On Acid!’ (written by John our singer who as far as I know has never done any acid) But I have to say we sucked. We played one gig and one gig only at the ‘Games Room’ (the local Arcade where we were living) and we really sucked. After that I started to play less and less and less till well I can hardly play at all. I have always kept my Acoustic Guitar around but my electric has been long been gone. I have been craving playing for the last year and well Rock Band made me realize that deep down I am a rocker and I wanna rock out! So here we are! It’s one of the cheaper Yamaha guitars that was on sale for 160ish when they normally sell for about 325ish and well it is orange and we all know what I think about orange things! :) I have been playing it a lot and man my fingers haven’t hurt this badly since I was in grade nine! (the last time I was building up calluses like this) D has been looking at drum goodness so we are almost there :) Joy even came up with awesome band names. Shan? You wanna come rock out with us with your new found guitar skills?

8 thoughts on “…and because I thought I didnt have enough hobbies!

  1. Nice. I’m trying to get the wife a new guitar. She’s currently got her hands on one of her brother’s…a beautiful vintage Silvertone.

    How’s the build on your Seagull? I’ve heard a few people say that they weren’t happy with them. Of course, when I went to buy one the red & gold run had sold out…boo.

  2. Better yet… make it a ska band and I’ll come play the trumpet. hehe.

    -A (from the awesome unit)

  3. I’ll do guest spots when I am in town! Cuz since Will moved in with his electric guitar [that he never uses], I have decided that I am learning guitar too!

    [If only so I can play White Stripes songs.. but I digress. :D]

  4. Always great to hear that someone is getting back to the guitar! I started at age 50 and it has been a great hobby in addition to all the other ones; astronomy, home theater, cycling, etc, etc. One can never have enough hobbies.

  5. Jay: – Ya the seagull is cheaply made! It isn’t a canon titanium body or the blunt instrument of a Mamiya!! But its awesome for what it is, i love the photos that i get from it and to be honest it works better then my best Polaroid camera so i over look its flaws. :)
    A: – You don’t need to be a ska band to have a trumpet! bring it on!
    Josh: – You are getting a cow bell for your birthday! More Cowbell!!!
    Kris: – Do it! Learn it! I am kinda kicking myself that i have let it slide for this long!!

  6. I just found a Pearl River for what’s probably a very good price, given that it’s a Chinese clone of a Chinese clone. This should be interesting…hahahahaha

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