For those just falling into this series, I am doing a Covid project of starting at the beginning and posting nearly two decades of photos to the other mediums like Instagram and Facebook etc. :) So get ready because Everyday is going to be Throwback Thursday for me! 

This next set of photos taught me to always always always have my camera with me! Since 2002 I have pretty much always have had a camera hanging off my shoulder. I am not meaning a point and shoot or cell phone camera. I am meaning a Medium format film camera or pro body sized DSLR.

Which has caused issues in life as sometimes places were not interested in seeing you with a pro camera and lens in their venue or government building. It made me somewhat of an expert in dealing with security guards and the like.

While I would often have a camera bag, or later years saw me with a bag bag that acted as a camera bag…

there would never be room for a camera in it :) Nope a camera was basically glued to my hand  ready to shoot at any time for 18+ years. A camera snuggled away in a camera bag might as well be at home. :) So long before Chase Jarvis coined the ‘best camera is the one with you’ I was the ‘jerk’ that always has a camera.