These photos are from an adventure filled trip that Josh & I took to Salt-spring island way back in July of 2007. I had a weekend free from weddings. After deliberation I thought HEY Josh & I should tour the gulf Islands… & we will take our 50 cc Scooters. So the plan was hatched.

We loaded WAY WAY WAY too much stuff haphazardly onto our scooters using all the rope & tie down straps I owned & off we went to Tsawwassen to grab a boat to adventure island.

For those not in the know about 50cc scooters is that they can do 50-60 km/hour on flat ground just fine but give them a hill to conquer & that 50km/hr becomes 30km/hr pretty quick. Now load them up with another small human’s weight worth of camping gear & well… you get the idea.
So after a harrowing zip though the normally 70+km/hr George Massey Tunnel at basically walking speeds (Traffic was just do dumbfounded at what we were doing to even be mad about it I think) & a “shoulder of the highway” ride down to the ferry terminal we were off to adventure island.

Our plan was to hit up as many gulf islands as possible in the 4 days we had but after getting to Saltspring & getting set up at the campground we decided to stay there for the whole time.

I had brought my tripods & many cameras on this adventure so I was eager to get to some night photography. So every night we were there I would stay up silly late taking pictures in the dark. I will say it again this was a super time consuming process as the highest ISO I could reasonably use without too much noise was 800 Maybe 1600 if i didn’t mind shit tonnes of grain.

This makes the average exposure time 20 to 30 seconds with another 30 – 60 seconds to write that photo to the camera. (kids & their high ISO capable cameras don’t know how good they have it these days :)

The next morning we would adventure all over the island & come back to camp utterly beat at the end of the day & I would make myself stay up & take more night photos. Over & over we did this. By the time I was back home I was utterly exhausted & ready for a vacation… Which is how I always love to end a vacation :)