For serious! I posted all this stuff and I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t published it till today! What is even funnier is that I have done this before! So anyway for all you feed readers I will look like I posted 3 times today! I didn’t :) I have decided to write a novel today cause I am waiting for a wedding to upload and my mouse to recharge (Wireless mice are awesome but somehow I always forget to toss it on the charger at night) I plan to haul ass over the next couple of days to try and clear off my plate to make room for DemoCamp and to try and keep this weekend free! I am thinking some epic snowboarding is in order! (Perhaps even at Grouse Mountain for they are going to be open all night and day this weekend! 24 hrs of winter they are calling it!) Who is in? I am thinking that 24 hours of snowboarding is a bit excessive but who is game to checking out some snow this weekend? Perhaps at Cypress? I also plan to spend more time in all night coffee shops with my laptop! I used to be so productive late at night in coffee shops, and well I am feeling reasonably unproductive.

So now for the photo of the day! This is another photo that I grabbed in Calgary during the great Calgary/Banff road trip in November. The story behind this one is I was darn near detained for taking it! You see I had to shoot over a fence to get this one and there was a cop in one of the parked vehicles that thought he would flex his cop muscles and hassle me about it. Here is my partially fictionalized version of the cop/photographer interaction that we had going on!

Me: Because I am a photographer. That is what I do.
Me: Umm.. art mostly.
Me: ehh….
Me: It’s for art. So well I guess nothing.
Cop: OH!!!!! Followed by some indignant muttering about stupid arty people to his partner and why can’t they get good jobs in the oil patch instead of wasting their time with art!
Me: I am going to walk away now!

I find it funny anyway! Not a great photo but it has a story to go with it so there you have it!

Maybe if I have time I will actually set up my new blog with working tagging and technorati/digg/… share links. Not that I care about the stats and number of readers and all that stuff. I blog for me and to be honest I don’t really care if it ever gets read! I totally enjoy the fact that I have a bunch of followers but I would do this even if I didn’t. I am also working on the best way to have a store on the blog! Yup a store I am thinking about selling prints and such not to mention I am working on a surprise that I will talk about in the future! I am also going to clean up the left side of this page because man it is messy!! When I get the tags working I will ditch all those categories and move the archives into a nice neat drop down box. Ya clean it all up :) I basically have to update the template that I am using (it’s a super old one and my loop code is pre-widget) but I am lazy and such! Anyway mouse is charged and I am good to go again!

3 thoughts on “Alright I Forgot to Press Publish This Last Week

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Tina Russell

  2. hi buddy,
    I just going to say thank you for sharing yours colour vision with us. I accidentally reached your blog while surfing the net in search of Calgarian polaroid shots, films and etc…. Anyway, thanks one more time and Lord save your eyes.

  3. I hate to say it, but most cops are not nice people. The reason many of them become cops in the first place is because they have inferiority complexes and now they have a reason to feel superior.
    I don’t know what the rules Canada are, but in the US you don’t need a reason to take a photo in a public place.
    I would have told them to fuck off.

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