– Same alleys as Friday Feb 07
– Building gas connector
– Incinerator in alley
– Graffiti
– ING Building
– Street Lamp from below
– Ruins of the impark parkade
– Sky scrapers
– Tim Horton’s
– Parking meters
– Weird group of people that hung around to wait for a crappy bar to open
– Edmonton Suite hotel
– Small Parkaid
– Fire connectors
– Edmonton Journal
– Edmonton Suite Hotel
o Parkade
o Cityscapes from windows
– NO Pedestrians Sign
– Tunnel to That place where I work Plaza
– LRT tunnel to Hotel Mac
– Hotel Macdonald
– Gold Sky Scraper
– Odd Fire escape with lock
– Alley by Toll Building
– Grant Mac
o Lockers
o Art
o Hallways
o Ceiling near Swimming pool
o Hangers