I Have A Pass, Now All We Need Is Snow.

So I have the pass, now all I need is snow! Come on snow!!   Speaking of waiting for snow I am thinkign that a pre-opening day movie watching night is in order. It’s kinda unclear when cypress will open so it will be equaly unclear as to when, but I think that we should all watch tonnes of snowboarding movies, order some pizza, and then all converge on the mountain the next day! Who is in?

12 Replies to “I Have A Pass, Now All We Need Is Snow.”

  1. Tell me about it! BRING ON THE SNOW!

    Cypress has just been getting RAINED on. Finally today it looks like they got some, but they’re going to have to brave the rain on Wednesday and hopefully build on some of that for Friday.

    Cypress is my mountain of choice so you’ll probably see me up there often! ;) Just look out for the green and pink.. it’d be awesome to get some snowboard photos together!

  2. Not sure about Cypress, but yesterday Grouse Mtn just twittered that they’re getting a bunch of snow, and plan to open up pretty quickly. I’m sure the same goes for all. :)

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