Well all I can Say is Busy Busy Busy, that si what I have been the last week or so. You see I was pretty busy a couple of weeks ago, you know the pre That place where I work world, and well that hasn’t changed in any way except now there is about 40hrs that are sucked out of my week and while I can use some of this time to catch up on my email I am afraid that My blog has been neglected. So here is a feeble attempt to pay some attention to that.

Last Night I got home and did stuff till about 11 or so and fell asleep and basically slept till around 12 today, I was really tired. :) I woke up drove Miranda to work at 7:30ish went back to bed, got up to let the matnence people in went back to bed, Miranda phoned like three times ignored it and stayed in bed. I woke up at 12is when Miranda phoned for the 5th time. And played with my tripod while I woke up from my deep slumber. At 1 I got ready and well I came to work and I am still tired. But I will survive. I have this underlying concern that I may in fact be getting older and require more then 4 hours of sleep a day. I deny it and will continue to deny this till I am at least 85 but the evidence is slowly gathering against me and my 4 hour theory.

Cory is in town and I think that we are going to fire out to the E&C on white tonight and have a few beers and what have you. It should be interesting I haven’t had beers with cory since the fucked off to Van to begin with. He was actually gonna call me yesterday and we were going to get together after work and discuss this Photocataloging thing that he may be making me :) But I am sure that he was uber busy and all and I am not really sure how much good I would be in the sleepy state that was last night.

Tomorrow Morning Bright and early Mike and I are having a reminiscent of last Dec/Jan go out at 6in the morning and shoot some photos outing. He is going to pick me up and out and about we are bound.

At about Noon I am hooking up with the ever-delightful Erin again for another photo shoot. We are going to try and go out and about and do the LRT and pedway circuit. I have a wack of ideas and such that I am dieing to try out but we will see what happens and how that goes.

Saturday night we are going to the CJSR 20th B-day party at the sidetrack. It should be a good time with some good music. I hope I can get some decent

To help assist me in my never ending quest to get good photos I bought a new Tripod. I spent the first 200 dollars of the B-fund on a spanky new Manfrotto Tripod that has a ball head and these very cool legs that are independent of each other. No more shaky pictures for me. :)

This Sunday I have a photo shoot with Taline a model from OMP I am the first real photographer that she has worked with and she sounds quite excited about it. I am somewhat excited about the prospect of being busy with models all weekend. I haven’t had a photo shoot with anyone since the beginning of December. So I am what you would call Jonesing for a photo shoot. I am super excited about going out with mike tomorrow as well It has been a long time since we have done that.

This Sunday night Erin and Mel form the Gb’s may come over and we may work on there demo cds that they are sending out. We will see if that pans out they are as busy as me and I Erin wasn’t sure if Mel would be able to come?
On Monday night after work I have a photo shoot with Sommers (another model from OMP) I am just going to do this one at home But it is home time :)