my made up thoughts about this random guy from V-Fest yesterday. I thought it was funny!
V-fest was awesome despite the rain! (I secretly love standing in the rain especially with the hydrophobic power of corduroy! don’t ask) Rise against played an awesome set! We are getting ready to go again today this time I am going to smuggle in a 75-300 lens so I can get some decent shots with out abandoning every one to hang out in the steamy crowd at the front.

V-Fest Steam Bath

My only complaint yesterday that was conveniently alleviated by the beer gardens (I mean really what can’t be conveniently alleviated by beer gardens) was the number of really young children! Running around and being children (I hate children) I felt really bad for the ice-cream girl yesterday. She stood dutifully by her cart all afternoon when no one was buying any ice cream. Today they have promised us sunshine so we will see how it goes.

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