Mike and I left for Jasper at 4am yesterday morning. So that means that I got up at 3:45am and fell into to shower and rolled out the door on to the elevator to fall to the ground floor and into the car. :) Our first major stop on the way to Japer was near Edson. As we had left Edson there was all this crazy fog all about, of which we took many shots. I just hope that I will be able to crop the hiway out of them. After stopping there we continued onward towards Jasper. We stopped a lot once we hit the park. We wouldnt make it much farther then about 10 km’s before we would stop and get out. We went to Maligne Canon, Athabasca falls, and all around Jasper and other trails. We were going to go up the gondola in jasper but they wanted 20 bux each to go up a freaking mountain. I mean the view would have been lovely and everything but 20 bux, Come on. I remember when I was in Junior Forest Wardens back in the day, we would do these epic treks in to Jasper and areas, and we had this game that we would play where we would stop the Mini van and get out on the side of the road and pretend to take pictures and point at a spot in the ditch. It would take about 5 min or so for the crowd of crazy tourists to stop as well and bail out of there cars and Motor Homes armed to the teeth with video cameras and point and shoots, all wondering what this group of 6 to 8 kids were looking at. We would wait until the group of cars was large enough to sustain it self and we would get back into the van and fuck off, laughing the entire time. I am serous give this a try next time you get to Jasper it works really well if you have kids. Crouch behind them looking over there shoulder and point at some imaginary thing in the bush. I mean do all you can to look like a commercial for family unity or something. You will have a flock of tourists in no time. So any way back on topic Mike and I are stopping every 10kms and we had this small window of about 2 to 3 min to get whatever shot we wanted before there was a gaggle of tourists milling about. It was crazy. So anyway we drove everywhere and did everything that one can do in Japer in a day. :) We didn’t get home till after 9 last night and man I crashed hard. I did some photos of Miranda’s new skirt and fell on the bed and fell asleep. I slept really deep and sound till about 8 this morning when Miranda woke me up. So today I crawled out of bed and man I felt like I had been rode hard and put up wet.(a horse riding analogy for those that don’t know.) I drove Miranda to work and went to work my self. I was originally going to be driving to Rocky mountain house today but Roland ended up doing that yesterday. SO I come in to the shop in Sherwood Park and Corina says Oh hi, what are you doing here, and I say well I am here to work and stuff. She says oh well other then the Rocky trip there isn’t really any thing here for you to do. And I said really ok well I will see you on Friday then I then drove home and fell back to sleep and didn’t wake up till 2 this after noon. It was a great sleep except that I dreamt that I was a new clergy man for a militant religious group that took over a country and was ruling it with an iron fist. I was part of a group that was a mix of Christianity and random idol worship, soothsayers and really really big guns. I woke up and my laptop was playing the BBC news over the internet, they were discussing the bomb blast that killed Ayatollah Hakima and his funeral as well as much speculation about who may be responsible for Fridays Bomb blast. I think that the two may be connected. So there was another bomb attack in Iraq today, good to see that the bush admin has everything under control there.

There is Culture Club in my MP3 Play list. I blame Miranda.

On a other note I got the mail today and there is a letter from the CIBC in regards to my visa that has in red writing on the front “IMPOTANT: Cheque Enclosed” I would have not given it a second thought believing it to be some “You may have already won one billion dollars and a fried chicken” type thing. But it was from the CIBC and I foolishly thought to my self well they are a bank, they wouldn’t do crap like that. Well I was really wrong. It did contain a cheque for five dollars, but the catch is that if you cash this cheque you are agreeing to sign up for Visa payment protection and they will charge you 24,95 a year plus GST. I think this sorta thing should be coming from Ed Mcman and Dick Clark NOT my bank.

My cat is cute and sitting on my laptop

Tom Waits is really good, I keep coming back to him in my Play list and I have yet to be disappointed, Jersey Girl, Hold on, and Everyone favorite I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

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  1. I just had to send out my own little rant on the CIBC cheque enclosed visa scam which I too unwittingly opened under false impressions. And to top it off what the heck is Visa payment protection, oh wait, if I lose my card and call them they will call Visa and cancel my card – huh, can’t I do that myself and cut out the middleman, not to mention the $24.94 a month? Crazy!

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