Last night I got down to business and tore the whole jeep apart to install a perfect storm of things.

This is a box of stuff to install!

I mean it really seemed like I tore the ‘whole’ jeep apart when It was not really that crazy. Just seemed that way.
Why was I tearing it apart you ask? Well I was adding a new backup camera that connects to the factory stereo, finally hooking up my CB to power, and properly snaking the antenna cable and the other cables I have already added from the back to the front. I was going to take this opportunity as well to properly snake other cables and USB C Charging Cables properly though the dash to get hooked up to a new set of dedicated under dash USB charging plugs that I would be adding.

While this seems like a lot but it wasn’t really, but it did take a bit of time. I think with distractions and getting side tracked on other things It took me about 3- 4 hours total to do these installs. But I wasn’t hurrying and I was also working out future mods in the process.

Now for the time that you have been waiting for……

The middle is a baby monitor as I started this while Koa was napping :)

Well here we have starting from left to right:

1. The backup camera system – This is everything needed including the device that will hack the gibson and make this all work. MOre on that later.

2. Top Centre we have the 12V to USB 5V adapters. I am sticking these together under the dash for those permanent 5v USB powered things. The Dash Cam, Two USB C cables that come to the centre of the dash for my Phone and GoPro, as well as a female usb plug that I can use to plug in anything (I am going to upgrade these to be a nice mounted option that should attach to the side of my sPod Switches and somewhere else on the dash.

3. Top right we have the adapter harness that taps into the cigarette lighter plug and gives me a nice clean point to tap into. This was a bit expensive again considering what it is and shipping was a killer for some reason. I could have just done this with t-taps and kept it cheap, but I think that I plan on having this jeep for a very very very long time so if there is a way to do it cheap, and a way to do it right, I am choosing the later :)

4. Bottom middle we have the power cable that I am running to the CB with a 12v outlet on the one end so I can keep the harness for the CB Intact.


Disclaimer: This isn’t meant to be a guide or install instructions I am just sharing what I did (partly for me to remember for a year from now) and to share with you allz!

Let us start with the Backup camera, I bought this aftermarket add-on kit that would work with my Factory Radio. While this kit was a little pricey for what you are getting, but I was happy to have one that just works and was well reviewed. I am sure that I could have pieced a bunch of things together and made one work for less but

They have some great instructions and there is a great install video that they created that goes pretty in depth

But there are a few more steps that aren’t really covered if you have the factory subwoofer installed.

Look it just needs a camera sticking out of it!

The Camera has a connector so you dont have to feed all the wire though the back tailgate :)
When taking the tailgate wire cover off pull up from the bottom as there are some nice clips there that hold it in.
Feeding thought is quite simple. I added a spot of electrical tape to the connector.
If you have the factory Subwoofer you need to pull the shroud out that holds this all together. Start by pulling up on this cover where the rear seatbeat comes up
These two halves will now separate and you can access the bolt in the rear behind the roll bar and seatbelt mechanism.
If you have a soft top I would recommend pulling the window out to get access to this all.
Next pull these two torx screws out of the bottom of the subwoofer and then it should just pull up over that screw and then out.
You will find a connector for the wires and after you unplug it you can set it aside.
About Now is when I disconnected the battery. Stay Tuned for a Dual battery system install in the distant future as well!
You can poke sometjhing into these to release the wires and the sleeve that your wires run to the tailgate with.
I undid all the tape and opened this up as much as possible as I wanted to run all my wire into it including the CB antennae and these wires for the backup camera.
I used a clothes hanger to snake the wires in thought this sleeve. I also ran a Positive & negative wire that I can use for something in the future since I had this all apart anyway. It isn’t hooked up to anything on either end but it is there for a potential 12 volt outlet mounted on the Teraflex cargo rack that I am getting someday (it is bought but there is not an estimated ship date) or something of the like. I figured since I was running wires I might as well. :)
With all my wires run up and along the side of the Jeep to the front passenger side floor (again having the soft top off was super helpful here. I started to pull the dash apart.
This is where you plug in the genie that haxors the computers to make them show pictures.
I tested this all before i put the dash back together etc and booyaa! Look a Backup Camera

There is a Camera!

Thus far I am happy with this all the dash cams and phone plugs are all working great I haven’t needed to use the auxiliary plug yet so that means that I have more then enough. If I was to ever need more I am sure I could plug a USB plug in the cigarette lighter like a peasant and have what i need. But as it stands right now all of my devices are plugged in with some to spare and I haven’t used a single one of my three Cigarette lighters.