Today we are tying our two solar panels into the same MPPT solar controller

I have a 100 Watt panel mounted to the hood as well as another 100 Watt panel mounted to the roof of the RTT In this early morning winter shade I was only pulling about 0.1Amp from each to my fully topped off batteries but they should get 6-8amps each when needed on a sunny day! The hood mounted solar panel is part of the VSS system from and awesome company called Cascadia 4×4 located in Squamish BC and I had been using the the MPPT Controller that came with the Cascadia 4×4 system but it seems that it wasn’t large enough to handle the second panel. That and there is very little feedback into what the panel is doing from this controller. It has some lights that tell you what it is doing but they are under the hood and pretty cryptic.

So today we are routing both panels into this Renogy MPPT controller. This particular controller also might be too small for the 200 watts of panel (rough math suggests I should have a 30A one as opposed to this 10A one) but I had it from another project so we will try it out. 

I am adding the quick connects to the leads from the roof panel as well as the MPPT controller so they can be added and subtracted as needed with the Y connecters or even add in my Jackery Panels via a 3 to 1 adapter if I needed a lot AKA 400 Watts of solar charging

These connections seemed a bit touchy so I added a dab of hot glue to them to hopefully help keep them good and connected. I will have to test this on an actual sunny day but for now it seems that both are connected and working. 

In the future when I settle on what solar controller I need to use I will add in a bluetooth module so I can connect and get real time readout on what is happening and adjust if needed. 

I also have on order a Battery Monitor with a 500AShunt that gets added into the negative line on the dual battery system that will give me even more information about what is happening but that will be another day.