So one of the most fun filled weeks that I have had in a while concluded with the craziest weekend!! Where to start! Well I guess at the beginning!

Friday (the 14th) Shan, Kimli, Miranda, & I sauntered on over to The Calling Public House (on the corner of Davie and Denman) and drank beer for charity! Really! I have no idea how it all worked I just know that I ate a burger and drank a beer and money went to charity. I don’t even know what charity! :) It was good charity beer and good charity burgers!

Shan having beers for charity Miranda having beers for charity
Charity Beer me having beers for charity

Saturday (the 15th) We (Josh, Shan, D, & I) were invited by Amanda‘s friends for Karaoke at some pub on Davie called Checkers! There was a lot of beer again! No money went to charity but we did tip well because there was quite the mess when we left! We closed out Checkers but decided that the night was young, so we went to Denny’s for more drinks and possibly some bad grease! Unfortunately I was a jackass to the waitress and they didn’t serve us till after two (even though we arrived at 1:50ish) So Darren decided that he would walk his dog! Meaning run home and grab liquor to smuggle in and spike our drinks with! We ate random grease and laughed at the dudes’ moon walking when Thriller came on the jukebox! :) When it came time to go I walked back to Gastown and took loaded photos (the best kind)

drinkin-052.jpg drinkin-063.jpg
drinkin-079.jpg drinkin-march-16-2008.jpg

Sunday (the 16th) Involved Tomahawk breakfast and a mini road trip to Squamish! It was fun to pack us all up the Delica and go!

delica-tripping-001.jpg delica-tripping-070.jpg
delica-tripping-025.jpg delica-tripping-119.jpg

We got back just in time for roof meat (meaning meat cooked on the roof) at our house, oh and Rock Band

roof-meat-24.jpg roof-meat-14.jpg

Tuesday (the 18th) Amanda & I went snowboarding at Cypress! It was the best weather yet and there was I swear 10cm of fresh snow! We ended up drinking a pitcher of beer with lunch and were less then agile for the rest of the day but it was still good times! I tackled the harder blue runs this time around! After the day was done we all went to Dadeos for good time food! I heart Dadeos

2345065242_9a8d1dbf03.jpg 2344231993_080d719f50.jpg

Wednesday (the 19th) I convinced some people that children were evil and rolled into band practice which was good followed as always by beers at the frog!!

Thursday (the 20th) Was M’s Birthday!! So Dinner at Wazubees and bowling was in order! A whole whack of peeps came out for both which was really awesome because bowling is fun when there is a tonne of people about! After we closed out the alley some of us went to Gastown to continue fun times! Our smaller group closed out Deighton’s Well, and some of us went and closed out the railway! When Josh, Shan and Amanda caught a cab to the north shore, D and I grabbed a coffee! I didn’t get in till at least 4am

The Girls Looking at Porn _mg_3100.jpg
_mg_3186.jpg _mg_3380.jpg
_mg_3260.jpg _mg_3316.jpg
_mg_3352.jpg _mg_3360.jpg

Friday (the 21st) We decided that we would hike an unexplored section of the Baden Powell. Dude I have to say there was a lot of stairs! & epic forests!

badden-powel-ajpg.jpg badden-powelc.jpg
badden-powel-march-21-20.jpg badden-powel-k.jpg
badden-powel-b.jpg badden-poweld.jpg
badden-powel-e.jpg badden-powelf.jpg

Saturday (the 22nd) Was a scoot about day and trips to the new Long &McQuade on terminal, and Tom Lee! I bought a new case for my eclectic and a stand for my acoustic. (whose name is now Penny no story I just decided!) Followed by the worst karaoke night ever! The Met Pub in Gastown is the scummiest place in the lower mainland!

Sunday (the 23rd) I went snowboarding while Josh and Miranda drove the Delica as far up some road as they could! Snowboarding was again Epic weather! And even more fresh snow! There was a storm that rolled near the end that was nearly as epic as the riding! But the day in all rocked! My new pants and coat are awesome! I was snugly warm all day and I came home totally dry!

Monday (the 24th) Miranda josh and I went for late breakfast at Sophie’s and hung out at the hospital taking photos of some of the old buildings and wings! Miranda had her scooter knocked over by cars twice, one we caught the dude in the act! Josh & I abandoned Miranda and rode around a bit!

2359834703_ccf71f44b5.jpg 2360670374_fb98d21baf.jpg
2359834325_bef818f15a.jpg 2359842209_003fe2a5f8.jpg

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  1. hey! i was looking at these as they came onto flickr last night. ALL very nice shots!! (as if they aren’t always!!)
    next time you hit checkers if let us know it is about 4 blocks from us, we’ve never been but wanna go :)
    super glad you both had a such an action packed week and Miranda had a great birthday :)

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