Today I was interviewed for the Gastown Gazette. They are that lovely hyperlocal rag that has been doing some great journalism around the anti-gentrification folks in our hood. You know, those folks that protest The Pigeon Restaurant, and wander though Gastown with hoods and torches…Yup I said hoods & torches… yup just like a Southern linch mob of old….

I imagine it was like this… :)

Anyway the Gastown Gazette broke the story of the flame wielding Gastown mob (I wonder what the carbon footprint of a flame wielding lynch mob is?) two days before the folks at the CBC. So what ever side of the whole anti-gentrification debate you stand on you have to admit that that is just good journalism.

Anyway the interview was about the arts and not the hood. I will let you know if & when it is posted :) but the walk there and back was a good one.

Picking On Complete Strangers - Gastown
Picking On Complete Strangers - Gastown

Brick walk - gastwon

Apartment walk - Gastown