This roll of FUJICHROME PROVIA 400X was part of the few very last rolls in my bin of ‘To be developed film‘ I think this was shot in the Mamiya C330. but it might have been my old Hasselblad.

The film that was left in this bin was for the most part unlabeled so I have no real info about it.

There was only this frame and another blank frame on this roll so I am not sure at all what happened with this roll, but here we are! the single lonely frame! I think that I took another shot of this fence in Gastown with a different camera at that same time so I am looking for it in the hopes that I may be able to date this shot and maybe that will shed some light on things.

But that all notwithstanding, here we are…. A really expensive (like at least $20) photo :)

UPDATE: I found the date!

I took this with my nikon DF at the same time In 2015

I found the other photo I took at this same time. It was all the way back in February of 2015. No indication on what camera it was with but at least it is a date!