So today the Canada post guy came and brought me something special! He brought me a Seagull from china. No it isn’t a bird and No I need not be worried about the H5N1 Virus! No sir what the Canada post guy brought me was a different kind of seagull. He brought me a limited Edition Seagull TLR Camera in RED/GOLD.

Seagull Twin Reflex CameraSeagull Twin Reflex Camera

Seagull Twin Reflex Camera
The Seagull is a super cool China built Twin Lens Reflex camera! It will take 12 6cm x 6cm exposures on a regular roll of 120 film. (Same as an old Hasselblad) A totally mechanical leaf shutter (IE No batteries required) has speeds of 1/300 right down to 1 sec and bulb in full stop increments
The 75mm (I am guessing around 30mm in 35mm Equivalent) features a range of apertures from f/3.5 to f/22. It has a waist finder with a focusing loupe and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to see film with all kinds of weird parallax problems. Today Josh and I went for a wander and I shot a couple of rolls through it and dropped them off at Custom Color. We will see tomorrow what they yield
Seagull Twin Reflex Camera

Seagull Twin Reflex Camera

The View of my kitchen though the waist level finder.

Seagull Twin Reflex Camera

Yummy Rice Krispies as seen though the waist level finder.

3 thoughts on “A Seagull came to my house and I am going to name it Jonathan Livingston

  1. Well I live down the road from the factory that produces these things, the trouble is that I can never find a shop that stocks one so can’t hold it in my hands.

    Had some fun with a Rolleiflex last year but the film transport gubbins seem to be broken now so if I knew what the finder on this thing was like I’d be tempted to get one. Your pictures look fantastic on it anyway!

  2. Hey Pedro, I bought this one from I had to keep going back to the site over and over till one day there it was so i bought it!

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