So My first apple, my first macbook my friend & companion for nearly 5 years has died…. Being in for repair once for the same issue and developing a new charging issue that the genius said was most likely related to a faulty main logic board I am left with little choice but to retire the old girl and move on. Let me reiterate this for all of you I USED THE SAME LAPTOP FOR NEARLY 5 MOTHER FUCKING YEARS!!! Previous to this beloved macbook I would have a laptop a year. starting some time in 2002/03 I had gone though 5 different laptops (of the windows variety) starting with a Sony Vaio that was an AMD800mhz processor that I got sometime in 2002. I used that for the really long time of a year and a bit as near as I can remember till it broke mid to late 2003. This was followed by another laptop that I can remember the specs for because I dont think it lasted more then a year.. It broke when I was trapped in a hail storm. I had an HP laptop that i used for a while (And I still have it) It was followed up buy a toshiba laptop that had dual batteries so it would last at least 4 hours of actual use :)  that I used till late 2006 and it fell apart, Literly the top was broken there was bare wires hanging out of the side and it was missing a speaker :) Next was my Gateway that was a great laptop.. tough as nails.. it is still in use today as I gave it to a friend who is using it.. then I got Molly the Macbook (all my main computers have been called Molly since I started using computers) which I used till right now.

For those keeping score… late 2002 till mid 2008 is just under 6 years and I went though 5 laptops. June 2008 till Dec 2012 is 4.5 years and I went though 1 Macbook!!


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