Yuppers we are in a plane full of drunken party types, which you are allowed to be at 7:30 in the morning when you hang at the Calgary airport!
It’s fun because they cheer for everything…it’s like that episode of Family guy where Peter made fart noises every time he heard Megs Name.Only Substitute Meg for Cuba and Change the fart noise to CHEEERS

Small world I tell ya So we got to the airport early Cause we are diligent travels that way That and we were at the ghetto hotel that apparently cost around 160bux plus parking.Humorous because this is the sort of hotel that I would pay 69 bux for.You know it is a bad sign when you check in and there is a disgruntled guy carrying his belongings back to the front desk saying I AM NOT STAYING HERE! I would like to leave.

West jet was paying for it so I don’t really care much! They had free wifi which was good.So anyway back to the airport and the small world.So we went through all the security and had tons of time so breakfast was in order.We are sitting there having coffee when! We two people walk up to us and say well this must be the jerk & his wife (they really used our names). To which we said err yes. I am running though the list of clients that we have and trying to figure out which ones these are when they go ahead & introduce themselves as Shan’s parents Err twitch! They recognized us from random face book photos and such chatted with them a bit.Cool people!