A Moron & His Spam!

Some moron used the comments function of my journal to post his spam. What an ass!! Let me rephrase that, “What a really dumb ass!” I mean First, of all the blogs out there in the world he choose mine to spam, My journal with its three or four readers (if there is more I am sorry I just don’t know) is one that the spam is least likely to be seen on! No only that but the moron decided to pick some random post from way back as well. Like I might not notice that the spam is there or something. Well guess what buddy if you try and hide it it isn’t to effective now is it. So I ran a search for the email addy that he used and all I found were peoples comments and guest books from there personal site. I think that this guy should really take a marketing class or something because I am no genus but I would think pissing off a whole whack of people in an attempt to get them to buy from is probably not the most efficient means of going about advertising. But hey what can I say. On an different note I am in Calgary and sitting near the window of our 24th floor hotel in the Downtown. w00t! I am on dial up and I have come to the conclusion that every high speed user should be forced to use dial up at least once a month just so they remember how lucky they really are :)

This is a shot of the bridge with stone lions on it (I can’t remember its name) from our hotel