Yuppers what I say is true, a man in brown (incidentally the same man that sold me my Felt MP, he even remembers it and asked if I was going to ride it today cause it is supposed to be super nice out!) brought me a box of film goodness. Which is a really nice way to start out a week, especially when the previous week ended with a 20hr out of town wedding adventure followed by another 10hr wedding a short 10 hours apart! (what i am trying to say here is i am tired)

As mentioned earlier last week Beau Photo is raping us all for Polaroid film because they can I guess, so I ordered a bucket of film from the good old USA (just doing my part to help them in this time of need). More specifically, I ordered from B&H photo.

This will all make a wonderful addition to the newly cleaned and re-purposed Jerk Film & Beer Fridge Yup I feel like a real adult when I have a fridge that is not filled with food, but it instead is filled with glorious film goodness and beer!! That means you are a responsible adult right?

(for those of you that are all like, What do you eat man if your fridge is nothing but beer and film?, I have two fridges)

Here we have a random variety box of film. Some of these films are new, some are from back when we used to use film as our back up solution at weddings so nearly 4 to 5 years old, and other stuff like the Ilford roll in the back that says 620 Expired in 1956. (I am going to respool it one of these days and see what we can get from it!) so a box of fun is what it is!

1 thought on “A Man In Brown Brought Me A Box Of Film Goodness!!

  1. Strongbow? Seriously? BAH! If you want appley booz, Unibroue’s Apple Ephemeral…Ephemere…I forget how they spell it. Something like that anyway, is incredible. It’s even better than the Stella.

    And it’s Canadian. Given how closely our economy is tied to the US economy, we’ve got to do our part for ourselves, too. *nods*

    Three twins of choco80? Mmm. I’m down to one pack, and all I have that takes 80 film is the crappy EE100 Special. Sigh.

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