So as promised, my camera, laptop, and I went for good long picture taking adventure. The trip started with me walking down 108th street to the legislature, across the high level bridge, down to whyte ave and over to Divine, where I purchased new shiny Converse All Star shoes.

It was entertaining to watch the girl who was obviously not having a good day fight with her stapler. I do hope things got better for her as the day progressed :) I then went to Ruckus which for those not in the know is a cool store by the old greenwoods on whyte that has all kinds of local and sorta local music, t-shirts and works of local artists, I went to talk to the illustrious Andrea about the prospect of sticking up prints on consignment in store. I will try and get some stuff to them as soon as possible but we shall see ho what works out. I continued mindless wandering taking pictures as I went till around 3ish when I grabbed a bus home. I some times really enjoy taking the bus around, I like watching the people and the scenery out side which I don’t often see because I am usually to busy driving :)
Miranda and I went around looking for cheap frames for the Ruckus prints and found some from Jysk at the mall that eats people. They are the floating frames again but I don’t know if the prints that I wanna do are going to go well in them, we will see I guess. Miranda is visiting with Michelle while Mike and I are enjoying an awful coffee at a crazy busy Keegans. The coffee isn’t always awful in fact it is often quite good, but alas today is the awful coffee exception, so what can you do other then enjoy it
I feel like I may have been a bit of an ass last Saturday in my drunken stumbling stupor. But you have to understand that I often am the guy drinking coffee in the corner. While every one else gets shitfaced. But I have much more that I would like to say but I am really quite tired and my laptop is burning my lap So I will cut it short here
G night all

8 thoughts on “a day like many others

  1. i don’t think you were an ass at all, but if you’re willing to take the title, i’m more than happy to give it away. i’m sure i’d get it back soon enough, though.

  2. granted, I left fairly early, but you seemed much less jack-assed than say … Asylus ;-)

    no really, I think its good to be the drunken guy every once in a while, ‘specially when you are the one throwing the most fabulous party. personally, I like to get completely smashed prior to having people arrive at my parties, hee hee …

  3. reilly…..who were you an ass to? you were nothing but cotton candy and roses to my friends and i. i am waiting for my cd though….get on it or die!!!! hahaha j/k but seriously ;)

  4. & No I think that I am going to have to decline the offer to take over your title Asylus, I don’t think that I could do it as much justice as you have. :)

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