Boy oh Boy Edmonton Airport security is really dropping the ball today. I am sitting waiting to step on to the damn airplane and I have yet to show my Driver’s License to a single soul. My camera bag went though security unopened and I managed to bring though a laptop covered in crazy stickers with parts hanging on by wires unquestioned. Oh ya! They didn’t even look at my boarding pass once. I feel sorry for the Edmonton airport staff. <begin-rant>They do nothing but deal with stupid rednecks that can’t fathom the concept of self serve check-in and/or baggage drop, but feel the need to waste my time by not going to the full service check-in where they should be anyway. Self serve means you serve yourself not make twenty five people wait ten minutes in line while you get the


Drag your ass over to the full serve line. JACKASS!!!
< / end rant>

I am amazed at the different treatment that I received coming to Edmonton this time. You see I have flown to Edmonton like 6 times this year but always for a wedding, so I am dressed nice with a suit jacket and a nice shirt. I am usually clean shaven and I am caring a wallet in the inside breast pocket. (I have a theory about carrying your wallet in the inside breast pocket) and I am always treated well with the airport, car rentals, and the hotel. This time however (with the exception of West Jet) they all treated me like I was a Hastings Hobo. What changed? Well I am not dressed like I am going to a wedding. I am simply dressed like I was going to a gig at Richard’s or an evening at the Cambie (You know normal) Even with my National Emerald Club card (I feel so grown up cause I have a preferred customer card with a car rental company) and a car reservation I felt lucky to actually leave the airport with a rental car. Funny thing is I got the very same grumpy agent when I returned the car and she was pleasant as pineapple punch to me when I traded the faded t-shirt for a dress shirt. :) The weather is not bad here today of course I am leaving cold and snow to go to sort of cold and snow, but I don’t know -7 C seems better to me.

Oh Oh… a flight to Victoria has just been canceled….. Dun dun dooonnnnee Well My flight isn’t showing delays yet but I am 15 minutes to boarding and there isn’t any plane at my gate. Mmmm…. Oh well I am sort of choked that I wasn’t in Vancouver for the first real snowfall in forever but I have been assured by M that there is plenty of snow left for me to see.

The only part I miss about winter is wakening up one morning to see that it had snowed all night and it’s all exciting and a novelty to have snow. I hate winter when it’s 35 to 40 below and four or five months has gone by since the first exciting snow and you are well fed up with anything that resembles winter and you are totally longing for the spring/summer. But I like that first snow excitement, as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere.

Well I am on the plane and it only left about ten minutes late or so which with all the crazy weather we have is completely amazing. I super excited to see my kittens although I am sure that they are either to mad to give a warm welcome or I have been gone so long that they have forgotten about me.

I am just rambling now because these seats don’t allow me to look at my screen square so I am limited to typing for laptop entertainment. I think that I am going to finish my website next week after I get the last weddings out. I have moved the site over to the new host with the intention of uploading the new site and having it launch live when the DNS rolled over. Instead I rolled over the DNS but not the new site. I figured that no one really goes there anyway what the hell it can sit dead for a week, but all week I have been getting Emails and phone calls from people wondering where it was. The lesson to be learned here? Check the traffic logs once and While. I think that I know the entire West jet steward staff because I have had all 4 of these ones on other flights, that or I am living in a fake made up world. (Insert matrix music here)
So I didn’t do a damn thing over the last few days except shovel snow (which I found fun believe it or not), drive, and have a good chat with my mother about everything and nothing. It was hard after a while to do nothing, to not have a plan for the next day, but man I am happy that I did. I was getting a little burned out from not sleeping and having no life, sorry all who have invited me out in the last month. Maybe next month!!! I am destined to have a week of solid work from the moment that I land because of it but I feel refreshed and ready to roll.

My silly battery is going to die here in a minute and I am pissed about that. My laptop has decided to fall apart all at once. My screen needs to be held up most of the time because a hinge is broke, there are large dots on the screen that don’t work right, and the mouse buttons aren’t doing so well at the clikey clikey ,

Ok my battery is really mad now.