So what started out as a quick ‘lets blast off a roll of film and see how it will cross process’ turned into an epic evening of self-portraits and general dickin’ about. I am setting up to do a old camera film fashion shoot this Friday and I am trying new ways of cross processing out in preparation. There is a roll of 120 film to go with these as well, but of course that will have to wait till it comes back from the lab.

I have a thing with kitchens I don’t know why I just do. The photo never works quite the way I want it to. But every once in a while I try it.

There is no rhyme or reason behind me shooting at my truck other then that was were my tripod was. There is absolutely nothing to say about the headphones other then I was in the mood. They were not plugged in to anything they just seemed like a good prop.

Here is a quad Cam shot of how I saw things really.

Alright, I will take Miranda to her cult meeting and have a nap I think or perhaps stay awake and see what happens. I did plan to hit the mountain today for a bit so we will see if that works out.  I also have jam with most of the band tonight and I am super excited about that!!

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