So I know that this the third post that I have put up in almost as many hours but I couldn’t let this one go!!! IT would seem that the last post “On the Topic of Art and Sharks Brandishing Laser Kittens” was my 1,111 post!! 1111.jpg
Well then! I mean I know that I have been blogging for over six years (with some rather significant gaps I know) but 1,111 seems like a lot! I want a party!!! with elephants, and disco balls, yup elephants wearing disco balls! Oh wait I am going to a party tonight, do you think that counts! I doubt that there will be elephants but there will be fun and perhaps a disco ball!

5 thoughts on “1,111 Posts I Feel Like I Should Have A Party !!!

  1. w00t!! That rocks, however being that I am famous and such I am afraid that I will be one of those celebrity types that has parties thrown in their honor but doesn’t bother to attend them :) mostly cause the awesome unit isn’t in stumbling distance to my home but i will graciously thank you for the honor. :)

  2. Sounds like your party was better than mine. Mine only had a girl playing a guitar and facebook profile updates. It’s the thought that counts though, right?

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