Waiting for our plane that as it stands right now will only be about an hour late due to weather, I can’t complain because when I look out the window of the airport I can’t see much of anything because the snow is in the way. Last night we went over to see Sherry, Peter & Terra. Somehow (I am not really sure what I was thinking, or as the day goes on I am deciding that I was not really thinking at all) I managed to drink two bottles of wine to myself on basically an empty stomach. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to acknowledge that this is a really bad idea, but yet I did it anyway. I seriously can honestly say that I have never ever never been this hung over in my entire life. See when I used to this sort of thing when I was 18 I somehow was able to bound out of bed in the morning and go to work, go to school, or as it was most often do it all over again. In my old age however I am afraid that I am not able to bounce right back from an evening of debauchery especially this particular evening that somehow managed to keep me very very close to the washroom for most of it. I couldn’t even drive into Edmonton this morning because I was still super queasy and it required a great deal of concentration to not be sick all over again. Why??? I am not a stupid teenager or anything. We will be home today and hopefully our car will have the appropriate number of tires and they will all hold air! But I am going to try and sleep now so bah

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